Terms and Conditions 3P Travel

Last updated 18/04/2016

Table of Contents

Article 1 Seller Identity

We are:

3P Travel – PerfectProperePlaats
Maurice Decraenestraat 8
8553 Otegem

Email: info@3ptravel.be
Phone: + 3256 / 77.31.83
Enterprise number: 0884.834.493

3P Travel organizes travel abroad and acts as a tour operator and travel agent (hereinafter "we" or "us"). The offer includes:

  • Camps for children abroad
  • Hotel accommodation (hotel only)
  • Travel for property viewing purposes abroad
  • Travel packages compiled and provided by other tour operators accredited in Belgium and abroad (hotel + flight, hotel + flight + transfer + foreign travel).

Article 2 Application & Conditions

1. Our general conditions apply to any offer from us as a travel intermediary as defined by the Belgian law of 16 February 1994 governing the staging agreement and through travel.
Under consumer any individual, non-commercial purpose, acquires or uses marketed products or services.

2. These conditions comply with the general conditions of travel of the trip conflicts Committee and the same guarantees. These Terms and Conditions have been modeled by the Terms established travel.

3. The offer is valid only in Belgium. For all other countries, the order requested. If you enter an address in another country, we may refuse your order.

4. To place an order, you must be 18 years minimum. If you do not have 18 years, we ask you to place the order by your parents or legal guardian. If we notice that an order has been placed by a minor, we are able to refuse it.
If we find an order is placed by a minor, we can refuse this command.
Registration for children's camps abroad, must be made by the parent or legal guardian. Entries made by the child himself will be refused.

5. Place an order on the website includes the acceptance of our general conditions that are always available on the website.

6. If you order online, we provide together with the confirmation of the order or at the latest at the time of delivery a copy of our general terms in a format that you can save or print. We recommend also to always do so.

7. If special conditions apply in addition to the general conditions, the above also applies to these specific conditions. If our terms and conditions were inconsistent with these terms and conditions, you may, as a consumer, you invoke the text is the most advantageous.

Article 3 Our offer and your order

1. We are bound by the offer on our site or brochure issued by us, unless:

  • The helmet changes in certain data clearly, in writing and before conclusion of the contract to the attention of the traveler; this explicit reference in the brochure. We reserve the right to correct errors. Despite all the attention that has been devoted to the preparation of this brochure or web site, it is possible that a misprint crept in. Leave always confirm prices and additional services.
  • The case of mutually agreed changes between us and the passenger.

We can for some and / or indefinite withdraw all or a portion of our trip promotions.

2. We always give the fullest and most accurate description of what we sell and conduct of the ordering process. The description will always be detailed enough to allow you a proper assessment. If we use the images, they will be an accurate reflection of the goods and / or services offered. However, to err is human and if we clearly wrong, the sale may be canceled.

3. To book a hotel, travel or child camp, you create a personal account. Your e-mail address, name, date of birth, the standard billing and shipping addresses, phone number and mobile. These data are necessary for a valid reservation.
Before booking, you get a summary of the package chosen. Then we ask you to create an account or login if you already have an account. When booking you must also specify a geographic address. We will send to that address given, the necessary travel documents. As a final step before payment of travel (see Section 8).

4. Your book is a comprehensive and final agreement between us once we confirm your order by e-mail and once we receive your credit card payment transaction or reeled see approval received by the issuer the map.
We accept the payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, bank transfer. If the issuer of your card refuses to grant payment to us, we can not be held responsible for delays in delivery and / or non-delivery of your order. Orders without valid payment to the registered holder will not be accepted subcontracted.

5. We will always keep us legal provisions on the order confirmation.

6. If the traveler does not receive confirmation of order, it can be assumed that the trip, the hotel or the children's camp was not booked. The traveler in this case entitled to a refund of amounts already paid.

7. For travel, camp or reservation for children, you create a personal account. The following information should be specified. These data are necessary for a valid reservation.

8. Choose the offer. In the last step, you get a preview page, you agree to our Terms of Sale and confirm your payment by pressing the button with the caption "hotel reservation", "travel books" or "books camp children. "Once you have completed these steps, your purchase will be final.

Article 4 Right of Cancellation

The right of cancellations of 14 days at a distance selling does not apply to housing services, transport catering or leisure. Section 47 of the Act does not apply. You can not abandon your reservation without charge.
For reservations for cancellation policy see Article 9 of these Terms and Conditions.

Article 5 Price

1. During the period mentioned in our offer, we do not change our price except for any adjustments made to changes in VAT rates.

2. Our prices include all taxes, VAT, taxes and services.You'll therefore no bad surprise.Les costs such as the collection of local taxes and the spa must be paid locally. They are therefore not included.

3. The price as shown in order confirmation can not be revised unless expressly provided in the contract as well as the precise calculation method thereof, and to the extent that the revision is the result of a change in:

a) the exchange rates applied to the trip and / or
b) transportation costs, including fuel and / or
c) the costs of certain services and taxes.

If conditions are met, this will lead to such changes as well as a price reduction.

4. The price as shown in the order confirmation will be increased in any case within 20 calendar days before the departure date.

5. If the increase exceeds 10% of the overall price, the traveler may terminate the contract without compensation. You are entitled to an immediate refund of all sums already paid to us. Reimbursement will be made into the account used when ordering.

Article 6 Payment

1. Booking of your trip, you must pay an advance on the payment amount. This amount is specified in the Special Conditions.

2. If you are unable to pay the deposit, we will notify you to blame for this. If you are still unable to pay the deposit, we reserve the right to terminate the contract with you by law, where the costs are borne by you.

3. If you ask for confirmation and / or receive travel documents, you must pay the total amount at least one month before the departure date, unless otherwise stated.

4. We can only accept payment through the payment modules on our website.

5. To ensure secure online payment and security of your personal data, transaction data is encrypted with SSL technology on the Internet.
To pay with SSL, you do not need special software. You can recognize a secure SSL connection to the "lock" in the bottom of your browser's status bar.

Article 7 Transferability of the booking and exchange other

1. You can, before the trip, give your trip to third. This third party must comply with all conditions of the concluded contract. You must notify us in time using the following address: Maurice Decraenestraat 8, 8553 Otegem or info@3ptravel.be. You carry that responsibility to myself.

2. A late transfer is not accepted. The transfer should in any case 14 days before the effective date of the opening of the children's camp, the trip or stay are transferred to the hotel. Transfers are not addressed during the weekend.

3. You as the seller and the third (the transferee) are jointly and severally liable for payment of the total trip cost and the cost of the transfer. If the transferee backup at the last minute, we can still appeal to you to pay the full amount.

4. If you make other changes already booked the trip, we may charge above the necessary costs.

Article 8 Changes before departure by the tour operator

1. If before the start, one of the essential elements of the contract can not be done, we inform you as soon as possible. We will also inform in this case the possibility to terminate the contract without charge, unless you have accepted the changes.

2. You must confirm as soon as possible whether you agree with the changes. Your decision should be taken in each case before departure.

3. If you have accepted the changes, we will send you a new order confirmation with new travel arrangements and an indication of the impact on the price.

Article 9 Travel cancellation

1. If we cancel the contract before the start of the journey due to circumstances not caused by you, you have the choice between:

  • Or you can accept a new offer of a journey of equivalent or higher quality, without having to pay extra. If the trip is of inferior quality, we will refund the price difference as soon as possible.
  • Or you can request a refund of any sums paid and under the contract.

2. You can also make claims in the above cases for compensation for non-performance of the contract, except:

  • We cancel the trip because the minimum number of travelers stipulated in the contract and necessary for the implementation of the trip, was not achieved. You will be informed at least 15 calendar days before the departure date in writing.
  • We need to cancel the trip of force majeure (transportation not included). There to force majeure when unusual and unforeseeable circumstances which are beyond our control and whose consequences despite all precautions could not be avoided.

3. You may at any time terminate the contract in whole or in part. To do this you, however, to compensate for the damage that we are suffering because of the termination. The tax is determined by the special conditions, but can not exceed the actual cost of the trip.

Article 10 Partial or total non-performance of travel

1. We hope that the journey is always correctly and all terms are made. However, it may happen that, due to certain conditions, part of the path can not be performed. In this case, we will take all necessary measures so that we can offer you appropriate and free alternatives so that your trip without further delay can still be.

2. If there is a difference with the original travel plan, we suggest you to compensate.

3. When such arrangements are impossible or if you do not accept the alternative valid reasons, we will provide an equivalent transport that takes you back to the starting place and, if necessary, you indemnify.

4. The above provisions are not made applications for bookings on Web sites to which reference is made through our website. The reservation of these services is entirely the responsibility of the specified service.

Article 11 Responsibility

1. We are responsible for the proper execution of the contract, according to the expectations you may have under the terms of the contract organization travel, and to the obligations under the contract, regardless of whether such obligations are to be performed by himself same or other service providers.

2. We are not responsible for the booking of rental cars, airline tickets or parking, made by the websites referenced on our site. The reservation of these services is entirely the responsibility of the specified service.

3. We are for negligence of our representatives or agents in the performance of their duties, responsible. Also for our own negligence and for our own actions we take the necessary responsibility.

4. If an international treaty applies to a travel contract included in the service, our liability is excluded or limited in accordance with this Convention.

5. As far as the tour operator does not run itself the services provided in the travel contract, our liability for material damages and compensation for loss of enjoyment of travel is limited to a maximum of twice the price.
for the rest, Article 18 and 19 of the Law of 16 February 1994.

6. Responsibility of the traveler. The traveler meets caused to the organizer and / or mediator, his employees and / or their representatives, through his own fault or as a result of non-performance of its contractual obligations. The fault is assessed by reference to the normal behavior of a traveler.

Article 12 Intellectual property

1. Our website, logos, texts, photographs, names and in general all our communications are protected by intellectual property rights owned by us, our suppliers or other copyright holders.

2. It is prohibited to use and / or make changes to intellectual property rights as described in this article. It is donations copied or reproduced drawings, photographs, names, text, logos, color combinations, etc ... without our express prior written permission.

Article 13 Conciliation process

1. In case of dispute, we must first try to reach a mutually amicable settlement.

2. If this attempt at settlement failed within 3 months, each of the parties may apply to the conciliation secretariat cell ASBL Travel Disputes Committee to initiate a conciliation procedure. All parties have to agree.

3. The secretariat will provide parties an information brochure, reconciliation regulations and a "reconciliation agreement". Once the parties concerned have completed and signed the agreement (together or separately), and as soon as each party has paid an amount of 50 euros, the conciliation procedure will be initiated.

4. In accordance with the simple procedure described in the regulations, an impartial conciliator will contact the parties to pursue a fair balance between them.

5. The agreement reached will eventually officially recorded in a binding agreement.

Contact of the "Unity Reconciliation":
Phone: 02 / 277.61.80
Fax: 02 / 277.91.00
Email: verzoening.gr@skynet.be

Article 14 Arbitration Tribunal

1. It goes without saying that we hope that our customers are always satisfied at 100%. If however you were to have complaints about our services, you can contact us via our contact page on our website or email us at info@3ptravel.be.
We strive to process your claim within 14 working days.

During the voyage:
Complaints during the execution of the contract must be on site as soon as possible, inform appropriately and convincingly, to seek a solution.
Before that, he must - in that order - contact a representative of the tour operator or a representative of the travel agent or directly to the travel agent, or, finally, directly to the tour operator.

Après le voyage:
if a complaint has not been satisfactorily resolved or passengers can file a complaint, he must at the latest one month after the end of the travel contract with the 3P Travel Maurice Decraenestraat 8, 8553 Otegem, Belgium or against receipt, file a complaint.

2. Belgian law applies to all agreements entered into with our customers, regardless of their place of residence. The courts of the district of Dendermonde are competent to take cognizance of all disputes or choice of ENplus (??), any competent court according to the rules of the Judicial Code. If another law should apply, for reasons of international law, the Belgian law on market practices and consumer protection prevail in the interpretation of these terms.

3. In addition to our own complaints procedure, you can go from 1 June 2015 for extrajudicial consumer disputes the Consumer Ombudsman ( COD). This service can provide information especially about your rights as a consumer.
If you have a complaint, you can do the COD justified. The COD will analyze your complaint then move on to the competent body
In the following litigation committee can contact you directly or after referral by the DOC with your specific complaints to the industry.:

Travel Committee
50 rue du Progrès
Bureau 2B05
1210 Bruxelles

Tel: 02 277 61 15
Fax: 02 277 91 00

Conciliation (see Article 13)
Tel: 02 277 61 80
Fax: 02 277 91 00