Exclusive VIP discounts on your vacation or holiday home by the sea

Reward system based on exclusive VIP discounts

For our hard-working employees of the 3P Perfect Propere Plaats and regular customers we have a reward system based on exclusive discounts that we offer through the 3P Travel.

In this system, exclusive discounts, we make a distinction between staff and clients of our company 3P Perfect Propere Plaats, on the one hand, and the customers of our tourist services 3P Travel.

Instant discount for the customers and employees 3P Perfect Propere Plaats «Help at home» dienstencheque

VIP discount program for customers 3P Travel

  • Of the total amount of the order and payment of tourist services 3P Travel from 10 000 euros, which can be accumulated over several years, you as a customer 3P Travel are entitled to an exclusive VIP discount on your next vacation. We offer a direct discount of 50 euros for every 1,000 euros worth purchasing, accommodation and children's camps.
  • The program accumulation and discounts are valid for the purchase of recreation in all our hotels and summer camps for the whole family.
  • Summer vacation at the hotel in Greece for Mom and Dad, kids camp for children in the vicinity of your hotel and ski holidays in Bulgaria in the winter ... after 1 or 2 years, you can easily assemble purchases totaling EUR 10 000 and get VIP status, which entitles you to an additional discount! It's worth it.

Discounts only for tourist products that we sell on our site.

  • Attention! Our discounts and customer loyalty program is valid only for the products that we offer through this web site and for which you pay directly to our travel agency: hotel accommodation and children's camps.
  • Our prices are not valid and do not participate in an exclusive program funded customers to third-party websites to pay for manufactured on any third-party sites on the proposed us the link to pay for manufactured outside companies - Car, car parking at the airport, transfers between airports and hotels, or children's camps and tickets, insurance policies, real estate by partner companies. Links to these companies on our site are only a recommendation and allow customers to own at preferential rates to make a reservation with our reliable partners.

Discount brokerage services for buying vacation homes.

  • If you buy a holiday home, apartment or a plot of land, as well as if you order the individual building to order from our foreign partners after you have booked a viewing trip of the property through us, you will get an exclusive discount of 50 to 100% on commission expenses real estate agency, which provided the selected object or the company that will carry out the construction of your dream home!
  • The discount is determined as follows:
    • 50% of the expenses of the Agency on all properties offered through our website
    • 100% for the expenses of the agency for exclusive objects that our partners on a monthly basis and offer themselves choose. Follow the news not to miss this unique opportunity.
  • Agency Fees vary for each country and for each agency. In Greece, the agency commission to the buyer are 2-4% of the declared value of the property. Book your viewing trip through 3P Travel and get exclusive discount on your dream home in the sun by the sea.
  • This discount is valid for all customers and employees of 3P Perfect Propere Plaats, as well as for all customers as the 3P Travel with VIP-status and without it.