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Greece, the best country for a vacation! 10 good reasons for choosing Greece.

Despite the crisis, Greece remains the best country for a vacation. Greeks live in largely due to tourism and so now more than ever, there is every reason to go to Greece on holiday. We'll tell you about the 10 reasons why it is necessary to go to Greece, to go on vacation with your family, alone or with friends, with your partner ...

  1. Greece is readily available
    All roads lead to ... Greece! You can get to Greece by car, boat or plane and we will be happy to help you book a hotel in Greece, children's camp or to pick up your dream house by the sea.
  2. Greece is a country full of surprises and a variety of recreation options
    Greece has a large variety of landscapes, beautiful towns and unique places, which you will not find anywhere else. Countless beautiful beaches, a network of picturesque islands, snow-capped mountains, forests, waterfalls and mineral springs, spectacular city, a priceless cultural heritage and more. Resorts, azure blue of the Mediterranean, Aegean and Ionian seas, spectacular mountains Meteora, on the island of Chios Mastiha, olive wood at the foot of Delphi, all you have to see.
  3. Clean, clear, warm sea
    Greek sea are known worldwide for its unique beauty, its amazing turquoise, blue, blue flowers and its impeccable cleanliness. Swim in the crystal clear water - just now, and a unique pleasure! In the Greek seas, even in May, you will be much warmer and more comfortable than in the height of summer in the icy waters of the beautiful ocean in Portugal. In addition, the calm waters are ideal for children games.
  4. Beautiful and clean sandy beaches under the Blue Flag
    Greece is known for its multiplicity of the most beautiful beaches of the European Union. Blue Flag, developed by more than 400 beaches, which guarantees a clean beach, clean sea water, the presence of first-aid and protection programs for flora and fauna. Everywhere you will find sun loungers, awnings and umbrellas for protection from the sun. Gentle beaches smoothly into the calm sea, allowing safe to swim for both children and adults. In contrast to the Spanish beaches in Greece you never feel of mass tourism, even in the busiest summer months of July and August. No need in the morning, still did not really wake up, get nervous, you do not have enough space on the beach and that everything will be jam-packed with tourists and try to take their seats early. In Greece, there is always a nice place on the beach. That is a real feast while on vacation.
  5. The perfect mild climate
    Greece has a year-round pleasant climate throughout the country. Greece is just a little bit of gray, cloudy days a year and has a low humidity. On a hot summer day temperature compensated pleasant sea breeze, and in the evenings it provides a pleasant cooling.
  6. Greece is a country of islands
    More than 3,000 islands are located in Greece. And none of the island is not like the other: in Greece there are large and small islands, one inhabited, the other does not, on the islands of Greece offers you the most beautiful and picturesque beaches, the best beaches in the world. Life on the Greek islands are structured solely on tourism and leisure. Strikes, anxiety, traffic jams of big cities are to be found. Relax body and mind to come here and enjoy the soothing rays of the sun, swim in the clear blue water kristalnochistoy.
  7. Tasty and healthy food
    The Mediterranean Greek cuisine is famous for its delicious and healthy recipes, always prepared with fresh, local ingredients. Ask the locals where you can have a tasty meal, and they are without doubt direct you to someone they know personally and who certainly spoil you recipes of local cuisine. Greek taste of olive oil and wine you will remember for a lifetime, juicy fruits and vegetables taste without any competition. And despite the significant increase in taxes on alcohol and tobacco in the rest of Greece, of course, still very affordable.
  8. Greek hospitality
    The locals are friendly and helpful, welcome you in Greece and they care about you and your holiday.
  9. Cultural heritage, which you should not miss
    Greece - the intersection of the past and the future. The historical center is located on the Acropolis in Athens, the new Acropolis Museum in Athens, you must visit the cradle of Western culture. Numerous remains of ancient Greek culture found throughout Greece. The most impressive monuments of the world, such as the archaeological sites of Delphi, Epidaurus, Mistras medieval, included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  10. Sea children's entertainment
    Children on vacation want to spend an active vacation, and that the Greeks are well understood. Most resorts in Greece have extensive infrastructure, focusing on very diverse children's entertainment. In addition to the various sports and games, the children will also find a children's disco, thrilling rides, contests, outdoor activities, sightseeing tours. Also, your children can poznakomyatsya with peers from different countries in one of the international children's camps, whose work is focused on learning English, playing many sports and all this under a radiant sun warms with its rays on the shore of the tender sea. They will never get bored in Greece and will take away with them a lot of unforgettable experiences and memories of new friends.

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Kinder club " Grekoleto"

Kinder club " Grekoleto"

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